Saturday! What a week. This is the last day on the cycle, so I’ll be back Monday with another musical post.

On Saturdays, I’ll be sharing short stories and poetry I wrote, keeping with the alternating prose/poetry schedule. So here is a flash fiction I wrote called “Listen.”

(You may notice this is the song from my Music Monday post! I really love this song.)

“Can you stop the car please?”

He pulls to the side of the road, lightly tapping the break. He looks at her. She seems paler, though it might just be the way the moonlight hits her.

Her phone is still in her hand, plugged into his auxiliary cord. She leans into the headrest of his jeep, closing her brown eyes, hand clenching her phone.

Gentle thunder rolls out of his speakers, softly at first then growing louder. A guitar picks in and out of a swelling melody. He doesn’t recognize the song, but he knows the singer’s voice well.

A hospital bed…a room filled with flowers…

Her lips are slightly parted, and he can hear her breathe. It occurs to him that he’s forgotten her name. It had reminded him of a Disney princess, hadn’t it? Something like Jasmine or Elsa. Or maybe Belle.

If You won’t save her, please just take her away…

The song jars, screeching, and the music gets louder and the drums pick up.

That she wishes to still be around on the day that I marry…

He thinks of his dad—the song barely gives him a choice. It invites death more warmly than Edgar Allen Poe.

This is Your moment of glory…Hallelujah

He remembers it, ten years old, begging Him to save his father. He never got the chance to ask his dad about girls, about what it meant to be amn.

It may feel like God went North, and left you to be…

He looks at her, and isn’t surprised to see a few tears slipping down her cheek. He lays his head against his headrest and closes his eyes.

The familiar voice sings If You won’t save her, please just take her again, but his voice breaks on the please. The driver feels it like a knife through his heart.

The song fades, with the whisper of Keep holding on…

He opens his eyes and looks at her. Brown eyes, now shining slightly, are looking back at him. Alice smiles.


He shifts back into drive and presses on the pedal. His hand finds Alice’s and their fingers intertwine.



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