Saturday! What a week. This is the last day on the cycle, so I’ll be back Monday with another musical post.

On Saturdays, I’ll be sharing short stories and poetry I wrote, keeping with the alternating prose/poetry schedule. This was for a poetry class. My own style tends toward the succinct, so writing long, flowing lines was out of character!

I write you this from the bathtub and the kitchen sink.

It’s strange, and you may wonder how it can be both at once

Well, that new place of mine, is, how do you say,


Now, I may be exaggerating when I say it,

But while my head is in the kitchen sink,

My poor feet are still stuck inside the tub!

It is, I am, incredibly, indubitably, cramped.

Perhaps this is why my lines are so sprawling,

Because it is the only place I can really stretch!

My ass is on the edge of the tub, and it’s starting to ache!

Worse than that is the twinges in my back

Caused by sitting in this ridiculous position.

I can see the front door from here, and know if you visit,

You can only open it a foot before you hit my bed.

Unfortunately it sits in the edge of a living room floor,

Because zero bedrooms are a real thing in this city.

I really, truly cannot bear it. It’s more than I can take!

I’ll move, dammit, right now! I’ll take my things and go, today!

Or maybe next quarter. Because after all, the rent is only

200 a month.


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