An Interlude: On Star Wars

Well, here I am. A 21-year-old, self-professed geek, and I have never really watched Star Wars.

I know.

I saw Episode III and Episode VII, though, so hold your tears! (Or, maybe, let them flow…)

Anyway, back in December I borrowed the originals and prequels from a friend, and finally got around to watching Episode IV: A New Hope after New Years. So, here I am, having watched one Episode from each trilogy…

And I’m bringing my virgin perspective to you!

I’ll spend the next two Fridays gushing reviewing Episode V & VI, and if the mood strikes me, maybe we’ll do the prequels too.

You may be wondering how I’m feeling after having watched A New Hope, though, so I’ll summarize my feelings now:

  • Mark, you are really a terrible actor. Please tell me you get better?
  • Oooohh, so that’s that reference
  • I can see why everyone freaked out over ’70s Harrison Ford.
  • LEIA
  • Oooohh, so that’s that reference
  • Carrie Fisher 😦
  • Oooohh, so that’s that reference
  • C3PO needs to stop whining
  • I don’t get why people latched to Luke when you have LEIA
  • Ooooh, so that’s that reference

Basically, me gushing over how awesome Leia Organa is and understanding about 5,000 new geeky references, including Han Shot First.

Expect more of the same!


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