Desperate Times

Sometimes, I feel vastly misunderstood, like I’m

Always the bad guy. It’s like

The parent who blames you when it’s their fault.

Actually that’s exactly it. I did only what my Father said!

Negligible differences, to the masses, but

I think it’s a pretty important

Change from “Adversary” to “DA ONE TRU EVIL”


My, how the times—and the stories—grow.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you!

Aren’t you tired of today? Of the way

Science is pushed aside for fairy tales and hokum?

Unless, of course, it’s to remind gay people of their place,

Remind women their bodies belong to men.

Even if it seems wrong, you want science, autonomy. Look at my

Seven tenets. Like commandments, but with, ya know, morals.




Acrostic Poems


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