Star Wars Episode VI

Before we get to the good stuff, let me make an announcement!

After this week, reviews will move to Sundays. With this change, I’ll be able to get reviews on new TV/films out to you sooner, rather than running a week or two late as I have been. Provided I can get to the theaters next weekend, the first Sunday post will be Logan. This will change the original works too, as they’ll be moving to the Friday review spot.

Now, without further ado, here is my reaction to Star Wars, Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi (1983)!

20170223_2218311Not going to lie, I got a bit bored by the end. This film just drug on…and on…and on…


Kind of like these guys.

I did enjoy it, and I’m glad I’m doing this review. The beginning was great, especially when we get a good look at this guy:


I’m honestly curious as to who came up with this stuff. WHO?

In fact, I’m going to skip forward a little bit. Look at these guys!

I should very much like to be in the brain of whoever designed these. It must be a very interesting place to live, in that head. It’s probably similar to Stephen King’s head… yes, I am an SK fan. What can I say?

To back up a little, to the first Sithlord scene:

20170223_221811[1].jpgThe look of sheer terror. A+ job to Mr. Michael Pennington, who played Jerjerrod here. I didn’t capture the perfect moment, I’ll admit, but I was definitely impressed with the acting. You can catch the clip here (skip to about 0:59 for the relevant moment).

Of course, that facial expression pales in comparison to when Vader (James Earl Jones/David Prowse) says this:

20170223_2217461This is obviously on the clip above, but here it is again anyway.

Now that I’m suitably happy with Darth Vader, back to the main storyline!

Han, you may remember, was frozen in carbonite and given to Jabba the Hut (the ugly guy from above). So we see him, proudly displayed in Jabba’s abode, on the wall…


Poor Han (Harrison Ford).

So, a mysterious bounty hunter brings in Chewy (Peter Mayhew) for ransom…

I really should have guessed who it was to begin with-I mean, how many scoundrel bounty hunters are there out there with enough moxy to threaten to blow everyone up? Not many.

Never fear though! I guessed it before she took her helmet off.


Blah, blah, blah slave Leia (Carrie Fisher), sand dune monsters, force.

I liked her strangling him to death though. That was a nice touch.

Shall we skip forward a while?

To Yoda’s…dwelling…planet…thing.

Where we get another Force Ghost!


I like the Force Ghosts. They’re cute touches. Very nice way to prematurely kill off a character without suffering any consequences…



I said, last post, that it was definitely Leia, and I was so right.

Also, for the big reveal that gave us this image…


…we get this for a “reveal”



Even when Leia finds out… she’s just like “Yeah fine. Please don’t go after Vader.”

Sigh. I guess they went with Vader’s reveal. Fair enough choice! Although

Would you like to see the exact moment when I gave up?


The Ewoks are cute, and I’m all for a good roast-the-hero scene. But adding yet another mini-storyline killed me. We already had Jabba, and Yoda, so adding another little subplot just…ended it for me. I got tired.

And the end end, where Luke (Mark Hamill) is on the ship with Vader and Palpatine (Ian McDiarmed) just drug on and on and on. They let the Emperor shock Luke far too many times before Vader grabbed him and threw him. (Excellent moment, btw).

I liked Episode VI, not as much as IV &V, but enough.I’ll probably see them again…


Featured Image Credit:–return-of-the-jedi/english/1234950


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