Here we are, another awesome Music Monday!

I started liking the rock band Starset a few years ago when “My Demons” came out. Today, though I want to talk about their new(ish) single “Monster.” It was first released in October of 2016, but it is gaining popularity now that the album Vessels is out.

Under the knife I surrendered
The innocence yours to consume
You cut it away
And you filled me up with hate

This song isn’t hard to piece together, really, even though it uses a lot of metaphors to make its point. Obviously, the person that the speaker is talking about didn’t actually cut out “innocence” or fill up “hate” (since those are concepts…)

I’m guessing that this is about a romantic relationship, but it could also plausibly be about parents or friends; for simplicity’s sake, I’ll assume romantic.

You’re the pulse in my veins
You’re the war that I wage
Can you change me?
Can you change me?
You’re the love that I hate
You’re the drug that I take
Will you cage me?
Will you cage me?

The speaker obviously feels very close with the person who has hurt him so much, referring to the lover as “war,” “drug,” and “love that I hate.” The relationship is clearly abusive, and has affected the speaker negatively:

Can you change me?
From the monster you made me?
The monster you made me?

This is the world you’ve created
The product of what I’ve become
My soul and my youth
Seems it’s all for you to use

He apparently feels that his entire personality has changed because of this other person and his or her actions.

The song ends with:

My heart’s an artifice, a decoy soul
Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?
I’ve lost the parts of me that make me whole
I am the darkness
I’m a monster

It shows once and for all that the relationship is causing the speaker to change negatively, turning into a monster. It’s clearly not a healthy relationship and is only getting worse for the both of them.



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