Heavy- Linkin Park ft. Kiiara

Yikes. That’s all I really have to say about “Heavy.”

My local rock music station has a feature where they let listeners vote on new music, once in the afternoon and then again the next morning. I heard both, and both times the radio hosts ended the song less than a minute in.

I’ve been hearing it a lot on pop stations though, so I guess not everyone hates it?

It’s not wrong for a band to try out new songs…after all, Taylor Swift did it and came out bigger than ever. But this is just such a deviation from even their latest singles (2014’s Final Masquerade  or even the 2015 EDM collab with Steve Aoki).

I don’t like my mind right now

Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary
Wish that I could slow things down
I wanna let go but there’s comfort in the panic
And I drive myself crazy
Thinking everything’s about me
Yeah I drive myself crazy
Cause I can’t escape the gravity

Certainly not lyrical genius right there, but that’s not why any of us would ever listen to Linkin Park.

I’m holding on
Why is everything so heavy
Holding on
To so much more than I can carry
I keep dragging around what’s bringing me down
If I just let go, I’d be set free
Holding on
Why is everything so heavy

OK, I honestly don’t understand why it’s heavy. I guess the weight of problems could be heavy, but then what is he holding on to?

Kiiara comes in on the last “Why is everything so heavy” and sings her bit,

You say that I’m paranoid
But I’m pretty sure the world is out to get me
It’s not like I make the choice
To let my mind stay so fucking messy
I know I’m not the center of the universe
But you keep spinning round me just the same
I know I’m not the center of the universe
But you keep spinning round me just the same

Those last two (or four) lines are actually kind of clever, turning around an insult. I like it, I might use it, actually.

The song just repeats from there, and Chester Bennington comes in again after the second chorus, repeating “I know I’m not the center of the universe.”

It’s not a terrible song, but it definitely takes Linkin Park far away from their rock roots.


Edit 7/2017-

I’m grieved to hear about Chester Bennington’s suicide this month. Whatever my feelings about current music releases, Linkin Park was one of my favorite bands for many years.

From Twitter username End Bullying Now. (@SayNoToSuicide4)


Group: Linkin Park and Kiiara

Label: Warner Bros, Machine Shop

Producer: Brad Delson, Mike Shinodo

Featured Image Credit: By Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=53219430


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