Shopping Trip


In the dressing room mirror

She seems magnetized x 100,

The way her clogged pores look

In Nana’s makeup mirror.

The genes she came in with

Emphasize her growing muffin top

The one she thought hadn’t been

That noticeable when she left.


She turns away to try on a new shirt,

And its tightness allows her

To see the mountain range on her back

Created by her bra.


She rips the top off her body,

Careful to notice the boulbousness

Of her half-naked torso,

Wincing at the sight.


The trip has purpose, though.

She grabs a hoodie a size too big

And a pair of pants one size too small.

For motivation.


At the register,

The cashier smiles vacantly,

“One medium hoodie,

“And size 2 pants.




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