Chris Red Martiny

Thanks to the ever illustrious Buzzfeed, I was introduced to several micro fictions (don’t let the headline fool you).

One author I particularly liked is, you guessed it, Chris Red Martiny. So here are a few of his microfictions from wordriot:

“Sun Comes Up Again This Morning”

I want to be in a shipwreck and survive. God killed himself in 1985.

Check out the internal rhyme in that one.

“The Road to Considerable Energy”

A boy went swimming naked in the Pacific Ocean. A man lit a match in the darkness and it was snowing. Two American police in blue arrested an American citizen in brown and black. A woman rode to the end of the line, which was Coney Island, and saw a cemetery on the way.

I have no idea what any of this is about, OK, but I like the way it sounds. The cool thing about these fictions are that they’re all just moments- fleeting moments full of emotion, deeper meaning, and sometimes a bit of poetry.

“An American Battle of Ignoble Beasts”

Two people sat quietly staring into yellow space and not before long two thick cumulous clouds developed over their heads and eventually they looked up above them and noticed what they were in the shadow of and said, loudly: OH ISN’T THIS NICE! They died five years later on the same day.

I got nothing, but I sure am entertained.


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