To The Friend That Once Was

(We’ve all grown away from friends. This is a poem to a dying friend/friendship)

I pine for our lost intimacy

When we once were children.

You may not be far away,

But the distance between our hearts is great.


You were once my confidant,

My dearest and closest friend,

But now seeing you is like seeing

An acquaintance.


We exchange sweet pleasantries,

And I think, maybe we can bridge this…

Because maybe now everyone can know

The deepest secrets in your heart.


Yet still, there are things I know

That you have never said to me,

Things you think would disappoint me,

So you seal your lips tight, and hide


As if I were your mother!

As if I would hold it over you!

As if disappointment could ever,

Ever overwhelm my love.


But maybe you don’t know that,

Or maybe I seem too prudish and upright,

Because you save yourself my imagined displeasure,

And tell your secrets to someone else.


But your new confidant

Is loose-lipped, love,

So I hear them anyway,

And I am, honestly, disappointed.


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