Help- Papa Roach

You thought you’d heard the last of Papa Roach with “Last Resort,” didn’t you? Well, you would have been wrong.

The new song “Help,” which has been at the top of the mainstream rock chart for a few weeks now, is not less angsty than that teen anthem, but it is more nuanced.

Did someone turn the lights out

Or is it just another dark cloud in my head?
Cause I’m cut deep, my heart won’t beat
Deep down low it’s killing me
If I wanna scratch out yesterday
I’ve got so much I need to say

First, we have the really heavy, dark imagery that shows a depressed mind: words like “dark cloud,” “cut deep,” “killing me.” It sets up the tone for the song and launches us into the chorus:

I think I need help
Cause I’m drowning in myself
It’s sinking in, I can’t pretend
That I ain’t been through hell
I think I need help
I’m drowning in myself

I really like that this song serves as a “cry for help.” It’s important that people seek help when they are struggling, because it is the only way to get better. So I think having a song about that is pretty powerful, especially when it’s coupled with such an intense mental illness undertone.

They’re preying on my weakness
Believe it
I’m thinking to myself “No not again”
And I won’t keep listening
When temptations creeping in
If I wanna make it another day

So, once again, the speaker is showing the extent of the mental illness, including how the world seems to be against him (whether it is or not.)

I like it because it isn’t just another angst-ridden song for teenagers to blast; it actually has a underlying meaning that reaches out for help when we need it.


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