New Land-Avatar

Let’s jump right into this new Avatar song, “New Land”.

It begins in a usual hard rock manner, with lead singer ____ singing in a distinctly rock-like manner.

A new world, awaitsA new world, awaits
I’m flying without an escape plan
Break through the gate
Take up, take me on
Break through the sky
I will [save] you!

I woke up too late
Danger ahead and behind us
They come and create
Here comes the dawn
Crossing the canyon!

(So I think AZ Lyrics is incorrect on this one) The speaker is clearly on a journey to the titular New Land. However, this journey is a dangerous one. He mentions danger in the second stanza, sure, but the language like “without an escape plan,” “break through,” and “too late” support it before danger is even mentioned.

The song slows down and softens at the following chorus:

Fly beyond the oceans
Trying to find our place
Home is somewhere out there
Somewhere you’ll be safe
Sleep my child and dream of the new land!

That the music gets gentler here is kind of symbolic. Whether the speaker is talking to an actual child or using it euphemistically, it fits that his tone would soften as he addresses the “child.” The subject matter is even gentler, without reference to the dangers of the previous pieces; he talks of “our place,” “home,” and “safe.

It switches back to hard rock for one more chorus:

You won’t be alone
Remember, you’ve all got each other
Crack through the stone
There’s silver inside
We’ll all be alright

Even though the beat and tone has hardened again, the subject matter has not. Out of musical context, this is kind of sweet, almost comforting to the person the speaker is talking to. He’s reminding the child that he or she is not alone.

The song slows down again in the chorus, which repeats, and then goes into a Bridge, with some of the other band members vocalizing in the background.

Newborn, promise
Soon will be departed
Sleep until we reach the new land

This gives the distinct impression that while the first two verses were about the real trials the speaker was going through, with the chorus and rest of the song it is meant to comfort the child the speaker is addressing.


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