The Hodgepodge is a blog dedicated to the arts. As an English major, my interest is making sure the arts stay relevant even after school ends.

Poetry and short stories get a bad reputation after countless hours of trying to analyze them in English class. While some works are more challenging than others, I don’t think anyone should feel frustrated by a poem or story they don’t understand. Sometimes, it’s best to just relax, read, and let it affect you- I hope that is the feeling everyone gets from the posts on my blog.

Music is as much poetry as all the Shakespeare from high school. Most songs have meter and rhyme, and even use allusions and metaphors; all the things we learned (and forgot) in high school. Weekly, I’ll post my interpretation of songs, and everyone is welcome to agree and disagree with me in the comments.

Finally, everyone enjoys a good film or TV show, so I’ll share some of my favorites- and least favorites- here with a review.

The posting schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Music posts that analyze the lyrics and how the music supports the message. There will always be a link to listen to the song and read the lyrics.
  • Wednesday: Alternating poems/short stories that are available online. These posts may include an analysis or may stand by themselves.
  • Friday: Alternating short stories/poems of my own writing, created both in and out of my various creative writing classes.
  • Sunday: Reviews of films and TV. These are my personal opinions on media that can be found on live TV or in theaters, or on Netflix and Amazon Video.

I am open to suggestions about music, poems, stories, or media! Let me know by contacting me or leaving a comment on a relevant post.