Peter Capaldi, How I’ve Missed You

Doctor Who is back! And Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

Peter Capaldi, of course, steals the show as he does in…just about everything. Pearl Mackie makes her debut as Bill Potts and Matt Lucas returns as Nardole. The big baddie of the premier is a puddle of water with interesting properties.

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Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List (1993) was added to Netflix yesterday as part of the April lineup. I’ve never watched this film, widely considered a cinematic masterpiece, and now is a good as time as ever. This movie has a run time of 197 minutes, so it’s going to be a long one.

The first interesting thing is the switch back to black and white. The opening scene is in color, but then it disappears as we are transported into Nazi Germany.  Nazis, as they terrorize Jews, speak in German, even though the film is in English. It’s a subtle twist that works to dehumanize Nazis, especially as they murder without cause. Continue reading

SuperFlash- The Musical!

What a wonderful life it must be to write oneself into a corner, and get yourself out of that corner by creating a crossover event with no other purpose than getting out of that corner.

That’s not a criticism; it’s just hilarious. I haven’t seen Supergirl or this season of The Flash, but you don’t need backstory to get it. here’s an alien, and he likes to make people dream strange dreams, and our heroes get stuck. Watch it here, at CW TV.

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The Magicians

So…last week I promised to watch Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately, I’ve not been well, so going out is a no-go (Also, it’s currently Saturday evening and I didn’t preorder tickets, which is why I didn’t get to see Get Out last weekend). Maybe next week?

Please enjoy this article by Cracked author Ian Fortey on that gay scene instead! It’s, which is full of sarcasm and cursing, so consider it not family-friendly reading.

Anyway, I have been getting into The Magicians, which is currently running its second season on SyFy. I’ve been watching season 1 on Netflix and I’ve made it through the first 4 episodes in probably less time than is healthy.

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Time Travelling Not-Cop Shows

Time After Time‘s first episode aired last week, Sunday March 5 at 9pm. Episode 2 is tonight! I caught up on ABC’s website (I don’t recommend it. The playback was terrible). The basic premise is that H.G. Wells (of Victorian sci-fi fame) is living and building a time machine during Jack the Ripper’s reign of terror… except the Ripper is actually his friend Dr. John Stevenson. Stevenson hops into the working time machine to escape the cops, and Wells chases him to 2017.

Already you can see a bit of a problem with the premise, which boils down to…is Wells (Freddie Stroma) just going to chase John Stevenson/Jack the Ripper (Josh Bowman) around for 1-5 seasons? And how will he go back to 1893 and write The Time MachineWar of the Worlds, etc?

It was a novel by Karl Alexander, and then a 1979 film. That kind of creates a problem, since novels and movies have endings, and TV shows seek to go on forever (since I see no sign of it being a miniseries).

Anyway, spoilers ahead! Also, don’t watch this if you aren’t fine to watch someone get stabbed in the first 60 seconds. That’s not a spoiler since it’s Jack the Ripper.

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Hugh Jackman’s Farewell

I’ve adored Hugh Jackman since days of yore, in a movie I can’t mention to my friend. Honestly, I started watching X-Men because I saw him on the front of X-Men: The Last Stand, which in turn led me to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And I’m about to say something most people aren’t going to like.

I didn’t like Logan.

(I’m about to spoil everything that you could possibly imagine. Read on with caution.)

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Star Wars Episode VI

Before we get to the good stuff, let me make an announcement!

After this week, reviews will move to Sundays. With this change, I’ll be able to get reviews on new TV/films out to you sooner, rather than running a week or two late as I have been. Provided I can get to the theaters next weekend, the first Sunday post will be Logan. This will change the original works too, as they’ll be moving to the Friday review spot.

Now, without further ado, here is my reaction to Star Wars, Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi (1983)!

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An Interlude: On Star Wars

Well, here I am. A 21-year-old, self-professed geek, and I have never really watched Star Wars.

I know.

I saw Episode III and Episode VII, though, so hold your tears! (Or, maybe, let them flow…)

Anyway, back in December I borrowed the originals and prequels from a friend, and finally got around to watching Episode IV: A New Hope after New Years. So, here I am, having watched one Episode from each trilogy… Continue reading